Jordan Kobe Lebron Comparison



Michael Jordan #45 Collectible by Enterbay

This 1:6 scale action figure from Hong Kong’s Enterbay looks fantastic.

It even comes with Air Jordans 1-12 for the figure!

It should only set you back ~$300 USD



Who Wore it Better? Westbrook vs. Evans

This time…. we have a real who wore it better:

Russell Westbrook


Tyreke Evans

One Thing D-League has Better than the NBA: Dunk Contests

As we gear up for this year’s NBA All Star Weekend, one thing is for certain, the Slam Dunk Contest is going to be another snooze-fest. So, let’s watch the less-talked-about D-League Slam Dunk Contest and watch LD Williams shut it down!

Would You Rather Sprain Your Ankle or Tear Your ACL?

With the recent season ending ACL tear from Rajon Rondo, that’s the ultimate question. Would you rather sprain your ankle and miss a couple games or jeopardize your career and tear your ACL?

It’s no secret that ACL injuries are happening more frequently than in the past (think 80s and 90s era, did you even know there was an ACL in your knee?). One theory on why this trend is happening is the technological advancement in the players’ shoes. As the material for supporting the ankle get stronger and stronger, and the focus on wearing high tops which “protect” the ankle, all the torque from cutting and changing directions must go somewhere right? Doesn’t it make sense that the stress goes up towards the knee where there’s less protection and more exposed?

One example would be when Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the playoffs last year. He was wearing his signature shoes (which were high tops) with an ankle brace, and with the way he takes off and cuts, I think it makes sense that the strain on his knee became too great and it just gave out.

Maybe the #KobeSystem has it right… maybe low tops are the way to go and the reason for Kobe’s longevity and healthy career.